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Now City

Now City is new real estate development company with the goal to make it easier, faster, and cheaper to build eco-friendly neighborhoods. We are creating a proof of concept development that will become a scalable blueprint for building ecological cities globally.

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Eco-Friendly Design

High-performance, low-carbon, all-electric buildings minimize environmental impact in construction and operations. Renewable energy, green roofs, urban gardens, and healthy sustainable materials foster a harmonious balance between urban living and environmental stewardship.

Complete Communities

Prioritize walkability, diversity, sustainability, and connectivity, ensuring that housing, work, education, healthcare, recreation, and green spaces are integrated within close proximity.

Zero-Waste Living

Infrastructure, services, and retail parnership necessary to support waste reduction, recycling, and composting, making it easy for residents to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle.

Urban Agriculture

Managed urban gardens and community gardens create food security, enhanced biodiversity and air quality, along with healthy recreation opportunities.

Advanced Construction

Industrialized construction reduces waste and construction time while improving overall quality and efficiency.

Connected Living

Mobility-oriented designs promote walking, biking, and public transportation, reducing car dependency and enhancing overall connectivity within and beyond our communities.

Calm. Connected. Convenient.

Imagine being able to safely walk or ride through a relaxed and vibrant nature filled urban setting instead of fighting traffic. Imagine getting takeout and groceries without single use packaging. Imagine food waste being processed locally and used to grow food in urban gardens. Imagine that it’s all powered by renewable energy and smart water systems. 

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