We Build Walkable Green Neighborhoods

To help people and ecosystems thrive

Now City

Now City is a new real estate development company with the goal to make it easier, faster, and cheaper to build eco-friendly neighborhoods. We are creating a proof of concept mixed use development that will become a scalable blueprint for building ecological cities globally.

Calm. Convenient. Connected.

Imagine being able to safely walk or ride through a peaceful and beautiful urban setting instead of fighting traffic to get your basic needs met.

Imagine spaces and places designed to be healthy and fun, helping you connect to nature and community. 

Neighborhood In A Box

What if we think about a neighborhood like a product designed to help people and ecosystems thrive? And improve over time? The neighborhood scale (1000-10,000 people) is a sweet spot for enabling next gen urban design, walkability, community, and economic development, along with reduced construction costs and efficiency gains in green infrastructure and building systems.

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Complete Communities

Complete Communities refer to urban or suburban areas where essential amenities such as housing, jobs, education, recreation, and healthcare are accessible within a short walking or cycling distance. Extending beyond basic needs, complete communities aim to include elements that enhance individual wellbeing and community-resilience, such as diverse cultural spaces, green parks, and communal facilities that encourage social interactions and support a high quality of life.

Walkability + Mobility: Prioritizing pedestrian pathways and cycling over car traffic, creates safe, accessible, and enjoyable routes that connect people not just to places but to each other. Imagine safe easy access to multi-modal transport, ensuring that even when you need to venture beyond, your journey is smooth and sustainable.

District Scale Green Infrastructure

Resilience emerges when you always have access to energy, water, and food locally. Super Resilience happens when you and your community are so strong you can help others when they need it. #energy #energy-storage, #thermal #wastewater #last-mile-mobility  #data-IT

Imagine #infrastructure-as-a-service

Advanced Construction

Redefining Prefab and Modular…“Kit of parts” building components and modules that are built off-site in controlled environments ensure build quality, waste reduction, and reduced construction-time. This approach not only improves efficiency but also significantly lessens the environmental impact of traditional construction practices.

Healthy Sustainable Materials…Imagine selecting materials based on their lifecycle sustainability, sourcing locally wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint and support innovations in bio-based materials and recycled content that contribute to a #circular-economy.

Next Gen Management

Connect… Imagine connecting people to each other and the built environment by integrating proprietary and third party data and proptech solutions to enable measurement and continuous optimization of financial, operational, and environmental performance and user experience.

Neighborhood Operating System… Imagine all that as a Neighborhood Operating System in the hands of a dedicated team of smart, empathetic property and community managers helping people thrive and build community.

Zero-Waste Living

Imagine infrastructure, services, and retail partnerships necessary to help eliminate single-use packaging, support reduce/reuse/recycle and composting, making it easy for residents to embrace a #zero-waste-lifestyle.

Urban Agriculture

Imagine managed urban gardens and community-gardens that create food security, enhanced biodiversity and air quality, along with healthy recreation opportunities.

Innovative Finance

Imagine innovative models to finance green living, create social equity and provide attainability of housing for all.

Funding remains one of the biggest challenges in developing innovative real estate solutions. Real estate development is generally dependent on wealthy and powerful local and international investors focused on profit rather than people and planet.

Can Now City find a new model of co-ownership and co-development within the neighborhood?

Now City is part of a growing movement toward balancing the needs people, planet and profit with new financial models.

Biophilic Design

Biophilic design connects us to the natural environment through the use of nature and natural materials. Used at both the building and city-scale, this idea has health, environmental, and economic benefits for building occupants and urban environments.

A Scalable Blueprint

If we let ourselves collectively rise to the occasion of building the 25 million homes that America needs by 2050, we can imagine walkable green neighborhoods as the building blocks of cities that are regenerative, resilient, and equitable.

“Cities are a network of neighborhoods.” – Kent Larson, MIT City Science

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